Govt. College Karsog

राजकीय महाविद्यालय करसोग

GC Karsog

From Principal's Desk

Dr. Rakesh Sharma

Dr. Deepa Sharma

Dear student,
I extend my heartiest welcome to you on choosing this college for pursuing your higher studies. The natural rural surroundings here, calm and serene, provide you a perfect setting for fruitful serious studies leading to the desired outcomes. The teaching-learning environment in the college is very much conducive for you to realize your potential, ambitions and goals. A team of experienced and young dedicated, energetic, motivated and learned teachers, well qualified and experts in their respective fields is always ready to share knowledge and learning interactively to help you acquire relevant understanding, refined behaviour, good habits and employment related skills that will be very useful throughout your life. They serve as real mentors, inspirers and guides to their students to make them good human beings, concerned citizens and productive members of the society.

The College provides you highly developed infrastructure in terms of its classrooms; ICT, laboratory and library resources; language-cum-career lab; sports equipment and facilities and ample opportunities to use these actively in pursuit of your learning. There are options available to you to become active member of NSS, NCC, Rovers and Rangers, Red Ribbon Club, Red Cross Society, Dramatic Club and Eco Club. In addition to these, there are subject societies in whose activities you can involve yourself. The College also organizes various curricular, co-curricular and extra-co-curricular activities from time to time and it is expected from you to actively take part therein. All this will help you develop many qualities and personality traits which will be your life-long assets.

Higher Education is expected to develop qualities of self-directed, group and life-long learning among students. This will help you acquire habits, behaviour and skills that will be beneficial to you throughout life. A futurologist Alvin Toffler states that illiterates of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and re-learn, hence it is very important to develop the capability to be a life- long learner.

The great scientist Albert Einstein states that the value of education is not learning of many facts but the training of mind to think. Thus, you must make efforts to train mind to think while pursuing higher education. Further, whatever you do, it should be done with clearly defined goal in mind. However, a human being's idea of goal in life shifts from one focus to another according to time, experience and maturity, one must have clear goal at a point of time when one is doing something. It holds true for higher education as well. The sincere efforts and hard-work in pursuit of higher education will determine your future life environment and accomplishments. More you spend your time in unproductive way while in the college, more the future constraints and challenges you will face in life. Hence, choice is yours whether to put hard work now and enjoy later or enjoy now and put hard work throughout your life.

As you embark on the path of higher education, I call upon you to lay down you your goal and work with full dedication and sincerity to achieve it, develop keen interest in studies and learning, engage in self-study and learning from fellow students, manage your time properly and productively as it is the most precious resource available to you in life, inculcate discipline and good habits, take studies seriously and as your primary duty as student, focus on learning skills including communication that is possible through practice only, and have productive discussions within the groups on the principle of 'agree to disagree'. Your sincerity and hard-work will make you deserving and get the fruits as per the law of the KARMA and shape your destiny. I wish you a very fruitful learning experience in the college that will make you explore your potential and achieve what you aspire in life.

"May God bless you."